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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 5, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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>> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it is wednesday, january 5. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. san francisco celebrating a big victory tonight, hosting next america's cup. it will bring development and jobs. it is tonight's top story at 7:00. jana katsuyama is live. >> reporter: it was all smiles here at this ceremony today but this only came about after some
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very intense negotiations. a red carpet moment at city hall as america's top winner and oracle ceo larry and ellison gavin newsom ascended the steps. >> it is my chance to say thank you to san francisco. >> the trophy is back in the united states after a long absence, and we are proud to be the team to bring it back. >> reporter: they say the 2013 america's cup will feature onboard cameras and the race is expected to drop 10 million visitors to the area from a dozen countries. >> we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that will be invested. >> reporter: they won the honors after intense the go station as the board of
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supervisors president noted to alice in. >> your reputation precedes you in the form of your negotiators. >> reporter: they have agreed to make $55 million to the waterfront and into in the city made processions. ellision says he wants to hold the race in san francisco and lincoln insurance is that infrastructure could be built in time -- and needed assurances that infrastructure could be built in time. now the work begins in the race could have a $1 billion economic impact in the area. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the race is expected to
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create jobs, 8800 jobs. $19.5 million in additional tax revenues including hotels, payroll, and parking will go directly to the city's treasury. the san francisco 49ers stepped up their search for a new head coach. the reportedly met with stanford head coach jim harbaugh. he returned to the bay area last night. other teams including the miami dolphins, denver broncos, and university of michigan have an interest in hiring jim harbaugh. last night the raiders announced they would not exercise the two year, five lindell option on timetables contract. the team is reportedly considering defensive corps leader hugh jackson for the head coach job. -- is considering hugh jackson for the head coach job.
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fishermen will split $3.6 million in damages paid by companies who owned and operated ships that spilled fuel. tonight we're learning more details about santa clara's cunning plan for pit bulls to be spayed and neutered. >> reporter: this 80-pound pit bull is one of 90 dogs speed and neutered today. >> we encourage all of the animals to come in here to get spayed and neutered. >> reporter: they are researching mandatory ordinances after a child was mauled to death last july in concord. >> there's a number of things to look at. we are looking at voluntary
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measures, certainly less obtrusive to the public. >> reporter: they are looking at limited shelter space to house the dog. >> i do not think it should be breed specific. >> reporter: they are booked through may and their $10,000 santa clara county allocated to the service in 2009 ran out through the end of the fiscal year. they still expect $25,000 allocated issue to last last only until march. the animal advisory commission will take up the issue next week and local before the the full board of supervisors next week. federal regulators are urging pipeline operators to
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keep a close eye on pressure. they say they want utilities to make sure they properly determined the maximum pressure for the airlines. they suspect the amount of pressure in san bruno may have contributed to its failure. a meeting just got under way to help decide how to distribute $380,000 in donations from the september 9 disaster. the cd is soliciting input from residents. the blast killed eight people and destroyed 35 homes. police in san francisco's a teenage girl is undergoing psychiatric evaluation and could face criminal charges after leading them on a high- speed chase. we have video to show you from newschopper2. it shows you the scene after and market where the cheese came to an end. she kept going, hitting at least one car and driving the
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wrong way down pine street. police in oakland are looking for suspects in a shooting that left six people injured. five victims were hit as they stood near the intersection of 89th avenue and d street. one stray bullet hit a man in his living room. that 49-year-old man is hospitalized in critical condition. it may have been a result of gang activity. mayor gavin newsom has said who he wants to succeed him and it could be a historic move. athlete appears to have the six votes from the board of supervisors to serve as interim mayor. he would be san francisco's first asian american mayor. >> is an extraordinary thing. i am the ex-mayor.
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i cannot be more proud. >> they are set to go on friday -- to vote on it on friday. san francisco public defender jackson was sworn in today he is no stranger to controversy. last year he went toe to toe with kamala harris and responded to the controversial pension measure that failed at the polls. jerry brown is assembling his new leadership team in san francisco. he says his wife will serve in the unpaid role of special counsel and others include john layer, larry nichols. immigration officials
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escorted a man so he could attend his 3-year-old daughter's funeral. she was killed in a fire last thursday in oakland. her mother and the man who lived in the building also died and her father was arrested in july when trying to cross the us-mexico border. he was set to be deported last month and now they have postponed deportation until after the funeral. fire investigators are looking into what caused damage to two homes today. a fire started in the garage of a vacant house around 3:00 this morning. it shot through the ruse and spread to an attic of a neighboring house. the fire may have started by combustible materials left behind by workers. to be lucky people are holding winning tickets for the mega millions lottery drawings. the winners have not stepped forward but we know one ticket
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was sold at a safeway store in washington state and the other was in idaho. the winning numbers are four, eight, 15, 25, 47, 42. ten players in california matched the first five numbers. imagine a thief unlocking your car with a push of a button. that is the tactic burglars appear to be using in one part of the bay area. and the silicon valley giant is coming to las vegas with a product they say will revolutionize the tv viewing experience. coming up next, i will tell you which cities will see the most fog tomorrow. w t ileororr li irore
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>> the u.s. coast guard is removing the last remnants of fuel from a boat that ran
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aground in half moon bay. the coast guard wants to make sure all of the fuel is removed so none of it leaks when the boat is removed. they plan to tackle that task tomorrow. dianne feinstein is reportedly recovering well tonight after undergoing knee replacement surgery. a team at ucsf is looking at the project to improve the number of successful surgeries using the patient's own cells. it has been used on small animals already and they say the human version is at least a decade away. it was the changing of the guard paid republicans in control and democrats out. san francisco's nancy pelosi gave way to john boehner as the new speaker of the house has carol han reports. >> reporter: unlike four years
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ago, the cheers were not for her, but the man she trailed, republican john boehner who now has her job. nancy pelosi still have the podium and enough time to think voters, lawmakers, and especially those who know her best. >> with a grateful heart i want to thank my family, my husband, paul palosi. >> reporter: 19 house democrats voted against her. >> nancy pelosi of the state of california has received 173. >> reporter: democrats say posey was treated unfairly especially on the campaign trail. >> unfairly demonized. she was never given the credit that she deserves and i think
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people will see in retrospect. >> reporter: today even tea party candidate to pasture in the past extended an olive branch. >> she has her views and obviously i have mine. they are different. i hope there's some common ground that we can come to. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says she is looking forward, not backward. what is next on her agenda is getting more americans back to work. a group of lawmakers announced a challenge to the 14th amendment which makes anyone born in the u.s. automatically american citizen. they say the 14th amendment has been wrongly applied to children of illegal immigrants. they are revealing several ideas on how to keep u.s. citizenship from those children, among them is offering birth certificates based on. status. protesters said the proposals are unconstitutional. fans of british royalty are
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finally getting a look at the wedding plans for prince william. a spokesman said the heir to the british throne and his longtime love kate middleton will wed on april 29th at the westminster abbey. they would then proceed to a reception with the queen at buckingham palace and prince charles will host a dinner for the newlyweds. a jobs report is painting a brighter picture. the private sector added 297,000 jobs last month, three times as many as analysts forecast that it can be taken as a sign that economic growth may be picking up steam. that news helps turn markets around. the dow closed higher by 31 points and the nasdaq gained 20.
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cisco systems say they will try to reinvent the entire tv viewing experience began build a system that combines traditional tv with web, video, and social media. it allows cable companies to send content to computers, phones, and other devices. for more, click the tab on our homepage at we have a follow-up now with some new information about officer involved shooting in san francisco. they say that officers shot a man in a wheelchair and investigators are reviewing this cell phone video. officers say the man stabbed one of them being the shoulder. the man appears to toss the knife aside before two officers fired their handguns. >> we will be reviewing everything we did there as well
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as other shootings. >> the man was shot in the groin is expected to survive. these may be unlocking cars and part of the bay area with a remote device. christien kafton report how they are doing it. >> reporter: look closely, a man approaches a toyota highlander, unlocks the door, and starts wrestling through its be the problem is, it is not his highly entered. it belongs to lisa from oakland. >> it was like all night, somebody broke into the carpet we looked at the tape and we saw what had happened. >> reporter: a few weeks later, they found a second burglary. each time the thieves only made
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off with a few knickknacks and parking change could since posting this video, to my neighbors have reported similar burglaries. she says she can only guess how they are doing it. >> they have the actual key or a type of software that figures out what the code is. >> reporter: toyota says the company is not aware of anybody hacking into their keyless door systems and the frequency changes each time it is used so anybody using an electronic device would have been invalid frequency. however, the thieves are doing it, this woman holds -- this woman holds the police stopped them. i talked with oakland police and they say they have no more details on this investigation and are not aware of any new
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crime patterns. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. a san francisco art gallery is being threatened for selling the book ends that look like balloon animals. he says he received a cease and desist order that looks too much like a famous balloon dog statue. coming up, a goat was found hogtied in a trunk and how he will soon see much better days of. how will fog impact your commute tomorrow? bill martin will explain where the fog will be the biggest. you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> with all of the runoff that has poured into reservoirs, we decided to take a look at reservoirs in marin county. newschopper2 caught this reservoir and they say all seven reservoirs are at 100% capacity. one year ago they were 67% full. here in the bay area, or
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chief meteorologist bill martin told us that we should expect some spare the air alerts >> if you remember in 1992, we saw 25 inches of rain in the san francisco area due to el niƱo. >> no rain like that now. we have clear skies overhead. you will see plenty of fog before leaving those inland bays tonight. it is dry. it's an indicator of some stable environments. overnight, it would be cool,
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nothing crazy. it is winter. we are looking at temperatures around the mid 30s and low 40s. valley fought out towards fairfield and antioch. it will stay up in the valley until something comes in like this to scour it out. a very weak system. it will be enough to pull the fog out of the valley and break this chilly weather pattern. that is a ways off, though. the computer model shows you how it looks tomorrow. at 7:00 a.m. on thursday morning, tomorrow morning, you see that fog working its way out of the valley and up into the delta. concord, fairfield, vallejo. be prepared tomorrow. and then some high clouds come in. mostly sunny. in fremont tomorrow, 55 degrees at lunch and 55 degrees for a
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daytime high people he might see a couple of low 60s in the warm spots. 55 in antioch. around 60 degrees. dry weather. enjoy it while it lasts. we are dealing with a stable weather pattern which includes a strong dose of valley fog. there is good news tonight about the goat found inside a car trunk on christmas eve. tomorrow he will move to his new home at a farm animal sanctuary in northern california. morgan hill police discovered the goat during a traffic stop and found the goat hogtied in a trunk. tomorrow he will ride in comfort aboard a passenger van. that is our report for tonight. our coverage continues online
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at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. have a great night.
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